Jaelan Fajardo  ~  2020/2017

My name is Marcia Fajardo from Las Vegas, Nevada.  

On Feb 9, 2017, my son Jaelan was on his way to school and was stopped at the stop light when a drunk driver plowed into his vehicle and killed him.  This man had prior DUIs and continued to offend until he killed my son.  Jaelan had severe brain injuries and died from blunt force trauma.  He was 16 years old.

Jaelan was a loving, affectionate and sweet boy.  He had a beautiful smile and infectious laugh. He’s loved by many and was an exceptional student and hard working individual.  He cared about his education and had big dreams and very focused on what he wanted in life.  All that was taken away from him by a selfish and irresponsible drunk driver. 

His death changed my life completely.  What happened to Jaelan was not an accident and 100% preventable. I’d like to use this tragic event of my life positively by  promoting awareness of safe driving and the danger of driving under the influence.  If I can save another life by revisiting DUI laws to make it difficult for drivers to re-offend like the person who killed my son, this is the cause I intend to pursue in honor of my son.