Savannah Aguilar 1995/2017

“On July 5, 2017 my daughter age 22 was killed in a traffic accident. The person that killed her ran a red light hitting her at the intersection and also left the scene of the accident. There was seven witness that called 911. Informed the police officer the other person in the other vehicle had left the scene. He was found and charged with Reckless Driving causing death/ bodily harm and Leaving the scene of an accident with failure to render aid. At the trial we relieved the horrific tragedy. He was found guilty in both charges and is serving time in prison.

Many families of victims that go through the same tragedy are giving a life sentence. Living without that person for the rest of your life. The sadness for me is the cruel reality that I have to live the rest of my life without my daughter Savannah. She is not here to live her life and be with her family. The deep black hole sadness inside me never goes away because every holiday, every occasion, every event and so many things are a constant reminder that she is gone.”