Launch Press Conference

Launch of “Stop Road Crashes” Advocacy Group
Aims to Make Nevada Roads Safer

In a poignant display of shared grief and determination, families who have lost loved ones on Nevada roads have come together to form the “Stop Road Crashes Advocacy Group.” With the alarming rise in traffic-related fatalities and injuries, the group aims to address a myriad of road safety issues, including primary seatbelts, impaired and reckless driving, jaywalking, and more.

The group, initiated by law enforcement, federal, state, and local leaders, as well as survivors and family members of victims, has a grassroots origin. Jason Patchett, who tragically lost his 8-year-old son, Rex, worked tirelessly to pass “Rex’s Law” after a speeding driver struck his son in a school zone. Tina Lavoie, the president and founder of Stop Road Crashes, lost her daughter to a single-vehicle crash near Reno. These heartbreaking experiences drive the group’s mission to bring about positive change on Nevada’s roadways.

One of the core issues the advocacy group is tackling is the alarming increase in road-related fatalities. Erin Breen, the director of the Road Equity Alliance Project, reported that Nevada has lost 83 pedestrian lives to date, and the numbers are still rising. The recent holiday weekend alone witnessed five fatalities within a span of 12 hours, emphasizing the urgency of their cause.

Speed and impairment remain leading causes of traffic-related deaths in Southern Nevada, with pedestrian fatalities reaching record levels. The group seeks to raise awareness not only at the legislative level but also within the community. Jason Patchett emphasizes the need for behavioral change, urging people to think twice before getting behind the wheel and to pay attention to all road users, including pedestrians, cyclists, and scooter riders.

The advocacy group’s main mission revolves around creating awareness. Tina Lavoie stresses that the goal is to prevent others from experiencing the heart-wrenching loss that these families have endured. By sharing their stories and advocating for safer road practices, they hope to prevent future tragedies.