Take these steps to avoid wrong-way drivers in Las Vegas (if you can)

Two drivers were killed in a fiery wrong-way collision on the 215 Beltway in Las Vegas recently.

Unfortunately, wrong-way crashes are nothing new in the valley and Nevada.

In 2019, the Nevada State Police was dispatched to about 400 calls for wrong-way drivers in Southern Nevada, according to the agency.

After the beltway collision, trooper Shawn Haggstrom offered motorists advice on how to limit their chances of being involved in a wrong-way crash.

Best driving practices

Stay to the far right lane: Most head-on crashes occur in the fast, or left, travel lane because the wrong-way driver is usually in that lane or the median.

Use your headlights: Increases the chance that you will be seen.

Give yourself plenty of distance from every vehicle in front of you: That provides you more reaction time and a better chance to avoid wrong-way vehicles.

“Stay out of the lane that is closest to the median,” Haggstrom said. “The majority of wrong-way crashes occur in the fast (left) lane because the wrong-way driver thinks that is their travel lane.”

Other recommendations:

— If you see a wrong-way driver, call 911 immediately or *NHP. Give a description, location and direction of travel of the vehicle.

— Wear your seat belts.

— Limit driving between 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

“Sometimes these crashes are simply hard to avoid,” Haggstrom said. “Most of them do occur from evening to early morning. And with cars moving at 65 to 75 mph, you may not even have time to react. Give yourself as much time as possible and constantly watch all vehicles in front of you as far as possible.”

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