Family Road Safety Event

Welcome to our first “Snapshots From the Road” post. Snapshots are designed to be mini-articles written by members and friends who want to shine a quick spotlight on an event or opinion. 

Family Road Safety Event and Car Show

Stop Road Crashes helped made a meaningful impact at University Medical Centers’ annual Family Road Safety Event and Car Show, held on Saturday, March 9. Partnering with the Road Equity Alliance Project we distributed educational materials aimed at enhancing road safety awareness and fostering a culture of vigilance among all road users. Our presence helped to underscore the importance of collective efforts in making roads safer for everyone.

The event, hosted by the UMC Foundation, featured a multitude of engaging activities and resources aimed at promoting road safety. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in demonstrations covering crosswalk and bicycle signaling, receive off-highway vehicle safety education, and even obtain free bicycle helmets. With road safety being a pressing concern, the event provided invaluable knowledge and resources to help mitigate risks on the roads.

Hundreds of families from Las Vegas attended the event, drawn not only by the allure of the car show but also by the opportunity to learn about crucial aspects of road safety. Through collaborative initiatives like this, UMC and its partners, including Stop Road Crashes, demonstrated a commitment to extending their impact beyond hospital walls and into the community.

Amy Runge, Clinical Nurse Manager at UMC’s Healthy Living Institute, emphasized the importance of injury prevention and community health promotion. Free booster seats, educational materials, and information on accessing essential safety equipment were made available, reflecting a holistic approach to safeguarding public well-being.

In addition to its educational focus, the car show showcased an impressive array of vehicles, ranging from classic cars to unique displays like a Formula 1 show car and a vintage fire truck. Importantly, proceeds from the event will go towards supporting patient programs at UMC Children’s Hospital, highlighting the dual purpose of entertainment and philanthropy.

Through initiatives like the Family Road Safety Event and Car Show, organizations like Stop Road Crashes, UMC, and their partners continue to make meaningful strides towards creating safer roadways and healthier communities.