Making Middle School Routes Safer

Making School Routes Safer: 
Las Vegas Introduces Crossing Guards for Middle Schools

The safety of our children during their daily commute to school is paramount, and recent developments in Las Vegas underscore this commitment. In response to escalating concerns regarding child safety, the Clark County Commission has greenlit a crucial initiative: the introduction of crossing guards at 23 middle schools across the county.

One of the driving forces behind this initiative is Michael Naft, a passionate advocate for road safety and a vocal supporter of measures to protect schoolchildren. Naft’s tireless efforts in raising awareness about the need for enhanced safety measures around schools have been pivotal in garnering support for the addition of crossing guards. His advocacy has resonated with many community members, highlighting the urgency of addressing pedestrian safety concerns, particularly for younger students.

Joining the chorus of voices advocating for safer school routes at today’s County Commission meeting were two members of Stop Road Crashes, Susan Smith and Tina LaVoie. Both parents are deeply invested in ensuring the well-being of children and others our the community. Smith expressed her relief, stating, “As a parent, knowing that there will be crossing guards at key intersections brings a sense of reassurance. It’s a proactive step towards safeguarding our children on their way to and from school.” LaVoie echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of implementing preventive measures to mitigate risks and prevent accidents before they happen.

Stop Road Crashes, is making it a priority to push for the addition of crossing guards at middle schools, not only in unincorporated Clark County but in the City of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson. Led by passionate individuals committed to making a difference, our group is driven in its pursuit of safer streets for all residents, especially school-age children. Through our advocacy efforts and collaborative approach with local authorities, Stop Road Crashes is ramping up to play a significant role in raising awareness about pedestrian safety issues and championing solutions to address them.

The decision to allocate funding for crossing guards at middle schools reflects a proactive approach by the Clark County Commission in addressing growing concerns about child safety. By stationing trained crossing guards at strategic locations, students will benefit from added protection and guidance as they navigate busy thoroughfares. This initiative not only enhances the safety of our youth but also underscores the importance of community collaboration in effecting positive change.

Furthermore, the involvement of various stakeholders, including advocacy groups like Stop Road Crashes, highlights the power of collective action in driving meaningful change. By uniting behind a common cause, individuals like Michael Naft, Susan Smith, Tina LaVoie, and countless others have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to creating safer environments for children to learn and thrive.

In conclusion, the introduction of crossing guards at middle schools in Las Vegas represents a significant step forward in prioritizing child safety and promoting pedestrian awareness. With the support of dedicated advocates, concerned parents, and proactive measures by local authorities, our community is taking proactive steps to ensure that every child can journey to and from school safely.